Dog & Cat Rescue

Animals have always been a huge part of Alison’s life and she wanted to find a way that she could donate towards some great animal causes.

One of Alison’s best childhood friends, Alexis Kilby Luhrs, who does an enormous amount of work with many different rescue organisations, came up with the idea to paint dog and cat series that would have rescue dogs and cats featured in her art. Alison took this on board and started painting these beautiful rescue animals, the only problem was that many people started requesting that she also paint their dogs and cats, so she decided to call the ranges “Dogs and rescue” and “Cats and rescue” and combine the lot. This way, many different breeds and crosses are covered, yet the donations still go back to the relevant charities.

This year Archbold Design have chosen 2 rescue groups to sposor. Angryface Transport for Dog rescue and Hear No Evil Deaf & Blind Dog & Cat rescue for their work with special needs cats, and will donate $1 from the sale of each 145mm x 145mm Dog and Cat rescue greeting cards sold, directly to these chosen charities for this year.

Archbold Design will keep everyone posted on how much they manage to raise for each rescue group by the end of the 12 month period, and will make a one off donation to both charities with the funds raised at the end of that 12 month period.

Please check out Angryface Transport on their Facebook page or Instagram and see what an incedible job they do. To have a look at Hear No Evil's work, please check our Cat Rescue tab.

ANGRYFACE TRANSPORT was set up by Mel, who saw a desperate need to help the thousands of dogs that are sadly put to sleep each year in pounds and shelters all across Australia, through no fault of their own.

Her motto is: Any dog, any pound, three days to safety.

The pounds and shelters across Australia are stretched to capacity, yet dogs continue to arrive.

Mel started up Angryface transport 5 years ago, which is a registered charity and has been collecting dogs from pounds and shelters all around Australia and delivering them to Rescue groups and their foster homes where they are vet checked, wormed, vaccinated, desexed and when needed rehabilitated before being rehomed to their new loving families.

Currently the dogs are picked up from Queensland, Brisbane, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria including many rural and remote areas. These dogs would not have much of a chance of survival if this service wasn’t available.

Mel is slowly growing her non profit organisation so that she can save more lives. Last year they had managed to get 3 cars, 3 drivers and 5 trailers, but are still self funded.

Mel is hopeful that they will soon be able to get a centrally located depot. This would allow them to unload the dogs, creating a far more efficient service, where drivers could concentrate on collecting and saving more lives.

The Angryface name came about from a very special dog that was on his last chance a few years back.  He impacted on Mel so strongly, she took him in and kept him herself. Mel named him Mr Angryface, due to his grumpy face and aloof nature. The unspoken bond between the two will never be forgotten. Mr Angryface is the Blue Heeler pictured above.

**”Mel is a truly amazing woman, doing a fantastic job for these dogs and we want to thank her, her drivers, and the foster families for all of their incredible efforts. There is so much more involved than people realise. We are honoured to be supporting Angryface transport this year”