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Author: Alison Archbold   Date Posted:11 July 2019 

We would like to update you with our fundraising for this financial year.

For the past two and a half years, we have been sponsoring both Angryface Transport, and Hear No Evil Deaf Dog rescue.

These two incredible charities do an enourmous amount of work every year for these beautiful and desperate animals.

It has been an honour to support them both, (in fact it was only supposed to be 12 months, but we ended up going overtime).

Anyway, with that said, this financial year 2019, we were deighted to be able to present them with $1090 in cash donations from sales from our Dog & Cat rescue cards. Plus an original Pet portrait and print package each, valued at $450, which were auctioned off, plus a large limited edition print each earlier in the year which were also Auctioned off for funds, each valued at $180.

We know the funds were really well recieved, and put to good use immediately.

We will soon be looking for a new registered charity in Canberra/ NSW to sponsor for the next year, and will ask the public to put forward candidates.

We will let you know the outcome!

All the very best from Alison and the team at Archbold Design