We are so excited to finally be able to show you our Bottle Cards

Bottle Cards 150mm x 85mm folded, (150mm x 170mm open), featuring original artworks by Alison Archbold

Our brand new Australian Registered Design AU201810836

Patent Pending AU2017905186 Bottle cards were designed to be used on just about any bottle.

How to use:

Select your Bottle card(s)

Write your message inside, as you would on any greeting card.

Fold the arms back at the score lines.

Clip the interlocking tabs on the arms to hold card shut, & hang over your bottle!

No more losing cards from gifted bottles.

No more sticking or tying cards to bottles.

Bottle cards dress up the bottle instantly & make it a thoughtful all in one gift.

Choose from over 120 of our own original designs, with more on the way, or use your own pictures, and brand.

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